As nice and comfortable as the stay at Palm Beach Hotel is, it’s also nice to get out and see the rest of the island. Especially if the destinations are so attractive and charming as on Crete. Of course, we can completely organize the trips for you so it’s no stress on your holiday.


Heraklion & Knossos

Through history in one day. This trip first takes you to the capital of Crete, which is filled with Venetian influences. There you will visit the impressive archeological museum containing all the treasures excavated from ancient civilizations on Crete. Afterwards we’ll take you to the ancient palace at Knossos, where you will explore the excavations and reconstructions of the Minoan palace of King Minos.

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Day Trip to the Lassithi Plateau

This is one of the most beautiful day trips; through remote mountain villages filled with charming windmills, to the plateaus of Crete and the cave where Greek legend says Zeus was born.

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Chrissi Island

For everybody who like to be completely alone. This boat trip whisks you away to the quaint island off the South coast of Crete. With its untouched beaches, it is a perfect destination for a swimming and sunbathing trip.


Spinalonga, Elounda, Agios Nikolaos

A three-stop-trip with different vessels. First the bus will take you to the picturesque port city of Agios Nikolaos. Then by boat you’ll arrive at the ancient island of Spinalonga. In the afternoon you’ll unwind in the painted coastline of Elounda.

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Sitia and the Palm Beach of Vai: A Day of Monasteries, Oil and Wine.

First you’ll make embark on an exploration through the mountain landscape of Eastern Crete to Sitia. After a short shopping break in the city you’ll head over to relax and cool down at the famous palm beach of Vai.

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Smile! On this trip a camera is a necessity! By boat you’ll ride to the neighboring island of Santourini. There you can gaze upon the nonactive volcano that created the island; a magical landscape with picture-perfect, romantic villages clinging to mountainsides. Take a lot of pictures!



This is a nice small trip by bus to the nearest city. The market place, small alleys and beach promenade are the perfect places for shopping and relaxing for an iced Greek coffee.

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The biggest adventure possible is by jeep. Through the winding Cretan streets up into the rugged mountains this ride takes you to the hardest to get to places of East Crete. You will be awestruck by view of the old mountain villages and vast landscape from your perch at the top of the world.