Landscape & Flora

The Eastern region of Crete, known as the Southernmost place in Europe, has a landscape draped in olive orchards and vineyards. The expanse is filled with mountain ridges, plateaus, valleys and caves. Majestically the Dikti Mountains rise in the West beginning with the 2,148 meter high “Dikti” and stretching to the Easternmost, 1,476 meter high “Thriptis” to enclose this mountain world.

Southeastern Crete smells of oregano, thyme, sage and wildflowers. There are also over 60 different varieties of wild orchids here. Here live and work a timeless people, sensitive, tough and tenacious like the “Kri-kri,” the cretan mountain goat. The inhabitants of the mountains produce olive oil, wine and “Zikudia,” play the lyre, fiddle and lute and dance the “Pendosali” with passion.